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We understand that reception should not be confused with hospitality; you can be hospitable, but not really welcoming and you can be welcoming even if you do not have hospitable accommodation. To accommodate, the facilities are not enough. We can build hostels and shelters, but if there is no one who welcomes with the heart, with a smile, what happens to the pilgrim?

Marco, volunteer

  • It is absolutely forbidden to enter without a reservation
  • It is absolutely forbidden to smoke inside the structure
  • It is absolutely forbidden to put the backpack on the bed
  • It is absolutely forbidden to eat in the bedroom
  • It is absolutely forbidden to move the beds or occupy more than one
  • Animals are absolutely forbidden
  • It is mandatory to use your own sleeping bag and the disposable kit delivered by the hospitalist
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask inside the hostel
  • It is mandatory to leave the boots in the appropriate shoes rack on the ground floor and use them only when leaving the hostel (it is absolutely forbidden to wear them on the floor of the rooms)
  • It is mandatory to disinfect the bathroom and common equipment (such as washing machine, dryer, clothesline, tables and chairs) after each use
  • The backpack must be inside the disposable bag delivered by the hospitalist
  • Remember to wash your hands often (however, the use of disposable gloves is recommended)
  • Remember to maintain a social distancing (at least 1 meter) and avoid gatherings (even in the external area adjacent to the hostel)
  • Remember to air your bedroom
  • Please keep silent at night
  • The departure must take place by 8 am on the following day
  • Before leaving, throw the bag used for the backpack, the towel and the disposable pillowcase in the appropriate container of the unsorted waste, as well as all the disposable protective devices.
  • Before leaving make sure that you have left your room clean and tidy, as well as having turned off the lights and opened the windows (if it doesn't rain)
  • A free offer is welcome to meet all management costs (the appropriate box is located in the corridor on the first floor)
  • Report any signs of coronavirus-related symptoms to guests immediately

The hostel manager can be contacted on +393277197439