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We understand that reception should not be confused with hospitality; you can be hospitable, but not really welcoming and you can be welcoming even if you do not have hospitable accommodation. To accommodate, the facilities are not enough. We can build hostels and shelters, but if there is no one who welcomes with the heart, with a smile, what happens to the pilgrim?

Marco, volunteer

  • We can book for the bed but not for the room, which can then be shared with other pilgrims.
  • Up to 20 pilgrims can be accommodated.
  • Arrival preferably before 7pm. Departure, the next day, before 8am.
  • You cannot move the beds from one room to another.
  • Pilgrims will take care of the property by leaving the rooms clean and throwing their trash into the bins.
  • At departure, we ask you to check that the lights are off and the shutters are closed.
  • We are open all year, but in winter we can only heat two rooms, with a maximum of 10 beds.
  • It is advisable to have a credential or a letter of presentation from your parish priest that gives reason for pilgrimage.
  • An offer to deal with management costs is welcome.
  • If you cannot come, please cancel the reservation to allow other pilgrims to take advantage of our facility.